Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Motorola and its so-so line-up

Shown here is the latest phone model of Motorola, the ZN5. It has the latest doodads such as a Kodak-developed camera subsystem. But what should have been a winner has a chink in its capabilities: it is still limited to 2.5G or EDGE level. Whereas every phone maker has packaged a 3G system to their high-end and middle-end phones (Nokia seems to be advancing 3G even to low-end phones), Motorola stuck its units in 2.5G world. If the product manager of this unit is still with the firm, he/she should be laid off for forgetting this simple thing. Guys, if you want to capture market share, make sure all your units is at least 3G capable. Also, how about experimenting with at least 5 basic colors for variety? If Motorola would like to have a chance to recover from its downfall, they better improve their lineup by producing 3G phones only. 'Nuff said.

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