Monday, March 31, 2008

Motorola W230: Upgrading the Basic Phone – 1

In this article, we shall provide an initial review of Motorola's newest basic phone model, the W230. This is based on the available information from the Internet, specifically reviews from other sites and Motorola's own website. The second part of the review shall be posted later which is a hands-on review of the said unit.

A basic phone is a phone that is used for making calls and sending/receiving text messages at low price point. That's about it. Anything else is extra. Right now, cell phone makers are deluging the marketplace with an overwhelming choices. Nokia, the world's No. 1 cell phone manufacturer, has about 20-30 phone models that can be classified as basic phones. This Motorola offering sets itself differently by having the ability to become an MP3 player at a very low price (less than PhP 2,500 or about US$ 58 using an exchange rate of PhP 43:US$1). At that price point, this phone signals the death knell of standalone MP3 players.



Width = 45 mm x Length = 110.97 mm x Thickness = 14.7mm


80 g


Dual Band: GSM 900/1800, GSM 850/1900, GPRS Class 10


128 x 128; 65,536 colors; 1.6”

Built-in Memory

800 KB user downloadable memory

μ SD card slot

Internal, Up to 2GB capacity

Talk Time

568 minutes

Talk Time (Manufacturer Estimate)

568 minutes or 9.47 hours for calls

10 hours for MP3 playback

Standby Time (Manufacturer Estimate)

450 minutes or 7.5 hours

Included in the Package

Phone Unit, Battery, Earphones, Charger



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